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6 travel tips for a short stay in Seville

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    • Oct 2023
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    6 travel tips for a short stay in Seville

    Seville is a vibrant city in southern Spain with a rich history, stunning architecture, and a lively atmosphere.

    1. Visit the Alcázar: This palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site and showcases a blend of Christian and Mudéjar architecture. The gardens are also a must-see.

    2. Climb the Giralda Tower: Originally a minaret for the city's mosque, the Giralda is now the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral. The panoramic views from the top are worth the climb.

    3. Explore Barrio Santa Cruz: Wander through Seville's old Jewish quarter with its narrow, winding streets, hidden squares, and historic mansions.

    4. Experience Flamenco: Attend a live flamenco show to feel the passion and artistry of this traditional Andalusian dance and music.

    5. Taste Tapas: Try local specialties like "flamenquín" (breaded pork or ham) and "salmorejo" (cold tomato and bread soup). Many bars in Seville offer a free tapa with a drink.

    6. Visit Plaza de España: Featured in several films, this stunning semi-circular plaza with its bridges and canals is a perfect photo spot.

    A short but sweet list will keep you busy!

    Enjoy your trip to Seville!​​​

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